Making sure water infrastructure is in good working order

Coloradans are repeatedly being told to wash their hands, and at United Water and Sanitation District we’re working to make sure that’s possible.

That’s why Drew Damiano, the vice president of operations, recently toured our infrastructure in Adams, Weld and Larimer counties to make sure ponds, reservoirs and pumping stations are ready for the busy season ahead. 

Drew Damiano.
Drew Damiano. 

“I wanted to make sure things are in good working order,” he said. 

United Water and its partners have been recognized as an essential critical infrastructure entity during the coronavirus crisis. They are working together to ensure its infrastructure is up-and-running to efficiently store and deliver water to its end-users. 

Damiano, like other staffers, is working at home as much as possible to comply with Gov. Jared Polis's emergency orders, but he recently went on site visits. 

No one else was around and Damiano laughed when he recalled how easy the drive was. 

“There wasn’t a lot of traffic around, that’s for sure,” he said.

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Tu Recharge Pond near Brighton.

The Tu Recharge Pond near Brighton in Adams County. 

The Haren Recharge Pond near Gilcrest in Weld County.

The Haren Recharge Pond near Gilcrest in Weld County. 

The Serfer Reservoir near Windsor.

The Serfer Reservoir near Windsor in Larimer County.