Agriculture is an important part of Colorado’s heritage and economy. United believes that through efficient farming techniques and the development of innovative delivery systems, Colorado’s renewable water resources can continue to support the needs of the agricultural community as well as commercial and residential users.​

United respects Colorado’s agricultural interests and encourages continuing farming operations. The district supports the agricultural community in many ways:

  • It is one of the main sponsors of the ongoing Subsurface Irrigation Efficiency Project (SIEP) in Kersey. SIEP focuses on the use of new technologies to increase water efficiencies in commercial agriculture and residential turf growth. SIEP's goal is to find innovative solutions that will help balance the state's increased demand for water while preserving our agricultural heritage.
  • In many cases of agricultural water rights acquisitions by public entities, the purchased farmland goes fallow and local communities suffer. United works with farmers to put land back into production.
  • United works with Colorado State University and local municipal water districts to examine farming techniques in an effort to maintain productivity while using water efficiently.
  • When the 2008 recession hit, United made a policy decision not to take advantage of dropping prices for agricultural land but rather continued its pre-recession practice of paying higher-than-market rates for farmland and agricultural water rights.
  • Assisted the Western Ditch in the construction of an equalization pond that stabilized the system’s diurnal flows. They reflect the higher levels of activity and water use as people start and end their work days.